From Couch to Marathon Runner

Growing up there was always that one thing I hated, but wanted to like, and that was running. I grew up slow, very uncoordinated, and honestly pretty lazy. I was a good athlete because it came natural to me. It wasn’t until my injury when I gained weight that I had to start working hard for all my opportunities.

But to skip a few years here, I want to explain how I went from being someone who hated running, to a sponsored runner. After college I was no longer a competitive athlete. And honestly I don’t miss it. The stress of competing was just not fun to me anymore, and I wanted to move on from it all. I do however, miss the aspect of being apart of something. When I ran a 5k for fun with some friends about a year after I graduated, I was expecting to absolutly hate it. But honestly, I fell in love. Sure there are the highly competitive runners who aim to win, but then there’s us-the more than walkers but less then fast people that kind of fall in the middle. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging in a race. You have people lined up along the sides with posters cheering you on and runners that pass you or you pass are all so supportive. It is nice to have something to work hard for, but not have your sole purpose be to win.

So the next year, I decided I wanted to run the Disney half marathon. I ran a 10k to prepare and get a time to start in a high coral in the race. The 10k only made me more excited to run a half marathon. I may not be the fastest, but I loved it and was consistent. The time came for the half. Not feeling super prepared, I was nervous, but still was excited to see how I could do. The start gun went off and I felt that nervous-excited feeling I used to feel for volleyball before I fell out of love with it. As I was running I felt so strong and beautiful and able to do anything. The crowd was amazing, the 100’s supporters and volunteers that line the streets makes it even more an exciting expierence. All the runners, everyone all around, are on your side as you reach your goal towards the finish line. As I approached the finish line of my first half I was overwhelmed by emotion. I finished in 2 hours and 12 minutes, and I knew I was hooked.

After this race I decided to sign up for the Disneyland California race to complete the coast to coast challenge. I had my friends with me, and it felt so good to have a sport I loved again. I came back home and was looking at sponsorship opportunities. Swiftwick took a chance on me and decided to sponsor me, and this fueled my fire to keep running even more.

I wont lie. There has been tough times. My 4th half marathon last year I was on pace to PR. But I injured my hip mile 7. I hobbled on and finished the race, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to race anymore and risk hurting my career. I last-minute ran the Dallas Rock n Roll half marathon a month later to see how I felt. I ran, finished, and felt amazing. I fell back in love with running more than I had ever been before.

But as time progresses and I advance further and further into my career, running started to take a back seat, so much that I had stopped running completely. I ran a few more half marathons before then trying to prepare for a full but it was a lot to handle at one time. Working towards being a national fitness presenter, a Beachbody LIVE Master trainer and having more clients and classes are all amazing and have been my goals for so long that I had to give something up and running seemed to be what fell off.

2 months ago something felt missing. I had set a goal to run a full marathon, and I felt until I reached that goal I would be itching for it. So I did something crazy, and signed up for the Houston Marathon, January 14 2018. My training was shaky but my endurance from my classes was at a high, and my diet (which I feel is 80 percent of it) had been perfect. I only told a handful of people about this race and trained in private. I wanted to back out so many times because fear was taking over, but I knew this was something I could do and wanted to do.

The day came, and I felt ready. Nervous, but ready. I dedicated each mile to an important person in my life, and knew I had the support behind me to do this. The gun shot off, and I felt again, that nervous and excited feeling. The support of Houston was amazing. And I was running and feeling unstopable. Miles were passing, and I was still running and beating all my expectations I had set for myself. The texts were rolling in from all my supporters, and I just kept going. I think I honestly cried all the way from mile 25-26.2 knowing I was about to finish something my old self never thought I could do. I crossed the finish line, and I can’t describe to you how amazing that moment felt.

What I want everyone to gather from this is do not ever let fear stop you. Do not let yourself believe you cannot do something. My old self would and it stopped me from doing a lot of things. But not anymore. If I want something, I go after it, and you should too! I challenge everyone to get out there and do something that scares you because the feeling of when you accomplish it is truly something indescribable. So from a girl who was lazy, goaless and on the couch, I turned into a girl that believes in herself always, runs marathons, tackles my career goals, and never doubts myself. So if I can do can you.

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